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Kitazato has spent over a decade investing in training and workshops around the world. Thousands of embryologists have learned the Tips & Tricks of the Kitazato Vitrification, whether at conferences, on visits to clinics, or at our reference support centers and training facilities.

We know that the Cryotop® Method offers the best survival results on the market, and we are committed to helping you achieve this. To do so, our trainings are always led by experienced professionals, belonging to some of the most renowned clinics in the world, supported by our team of specialized embryologists.

During our trainings, we reinforce the learning process by starting with a theoretical session followed by a hands-on one in which trainers share valuable knowledge and experiences from their daily routines that will help you master the Cryotop® Method. We guarantee that no question will go unanswered.

Hands-on Vitrification Workshop

Vitrification Workshop at IVI Learning Center, Valencia, Spain

We offer hands-on training in Italy, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom on a regular basis. Centres collaborating in this training have the Kitazato quality seal, not only due to the proven capabilities of their staff, but also due to their excellent facilities, equipped with the latest technology and specifically designed for undertaking these learning sessions.

Technical Support

Technical Assistance for Amerikan Hospital and Koç University

We can design a training session based on your specific needs. These can be held at the clinic or online. We actively work with the clinics to provide support and solve their questions as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our objective is that you achieve the best results the Cryotop® Method can offer.


Our greatest achievement is for you to obtain the best clinical results

Kitazato's Training Program

Training Objectives

  • Reviewing the variables that affect the vitrification and thawing process and its success.
  • In-depth examination of the crucial steps during the vitrification and thawing process with the Cryotop® Method, acquiring the necessary skill for improving and optimising results.
  • Acquiring the necessary knowledge to implement and maintain a successful vitrification protocol for oocytes and embryos, adapting to the needs of your laboratory.

Theoretical Module

  1. What happens to the specimen in each step of the procedure?
  2. Factors which act throughout the procedure and which affect the end result.
  3. Practical advice of a technical nature to maximize the results of vitrification with the Cryotop® Method.
  4. Review of the most relevant publications and results.
  5. Success stories in the vitrification of oocytes, cleavage and blastocysts with the Kitazato Cryotop® Method.

Practical Module

  1. Appropriate preparation and use of materials.
  2. Practical demonstration of the Kitazato protocol for mastering all steps of the process.
  3. Kitazato tips and tricks for improving your success rates
  4. Supervised practice (Hands-on): each attendee will reproduce the whole process and may focus on the steps they wish to review in greater detail.

Kitazato Best Practice Recognition

Our BPR program recognizes those Kitazato Cryotop® Method users with outstanding cryopreservation programs and remarkable clinical results.

Logo BPR

The Best Practice Recognition is awarded annually, starting in 2021, through which Kitazato rewards its high-performing users, acknowledging their dedication and contribution to the field of assisted reproduction.

Our main objective is to provide a vitrification method that allows you to obtain the highest survival rates on the market. However, achieving these results would not be possible without the commitment of the ART professionals who use the Cryotop® Method every day.


Be part of Kitazato’s BPR clinics attaining the mastery in vitrification.
Apply to our Best Practice Recognition fulfilling the Contact Form below
or contacting your local sales representative.

Who can apply for the Recognition?

The eligibility requirements for the Best Practice Recognition are:

  • Routine use of Kitazato CryoTop® and Kitazato Vitrification and Thawing Media for oocyte and embryo cryopreservation.
  • Annual submision of defined clinical outcomes for validation.
  • Achievement of target key performance indicators (KPIs) established by Kitazato for clinical outcomes.

What are the BPR KPIs?

The Kitazato BPR KPIs are measurable values that demonstrate how effectively users are achieving their results. The following are some examples of KPIs defined by Kitazato for the Best Practice Recognition:

  • Number of Vitrified Oocytes/Embryos
  • Survival Rates
  • Implantation Rates

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