Kitazato’s Hypure® are pre-washed parafin oils used for IVF media to maintain the stability of the embryo culture, protect it from external agents and prevent the medium from evaporating.  

Quality of the oils is essential for the correct development of the culture and, for this reason, Hypure® oils are subjected to some of the most exhaustive quality controls on the market.  

Elevated levels of peroxides and bacterial endotoxins can be detrimental to fertilization and embryo development and thus decrease pregnancy rates. Kitazato’s Hypure® oils are pre-washed with ultrapure water to reduce their toxicity and remove endotoxins, thus improving clinical outcomes.  

In addition, washing and saturating the oil with ultrapure water prevents it from absorbing critical components of the media that could affect its concentration. The endotoxin levels of Hypure® oils are kept below 0.1 EU/ml, the lowest among all commercially available culture oils. 

Oil acts as a protective barrier to prevent the quick evaporation of the culture medium and to keep specimens safe from external contaminants. An oil overlay also plays an important role in stabilizing temperature, pH and osmolality during in-vitro culture. Oil purity is crucial because it is the greatest potential source of toxicity among all components in the culture system. 

The oil used to cover the media drops provides a microenvironment that is conducive to the growth of the embryo. However, the oil can act both as a sink for toxins and as a source of toxins, so washing the oils is indispensable to reduce the toxicity. 

Best Practice in Culture
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