Putting the year in perspective

As we approach the end of the year, let’s reflect on 2023 and highlight the milestones, especially our contributions to assisted reproduction, made possible through our high-quality products for every step of the Lifecycle. Join us as we revisit the key moments that defined the year.

A year of global workshops and advancements

Throughout 2023, we organized over 80 workshops globally, spanning various continents. More than 800 participants from 33 countries across the globe seized the opportunity to explore the Tips & Tricks of best vitrification and thawing practices, featuring cutting-edge protocols for oocytes and embryo preservation: The Cryotop® Method. Whether online or hands-on, these sessions aimed to enhance proficiency and understanding into advanced reproductive techniques.

Our community of excellence is growing

At Kitazato, we celebrate excellence by honoring 26 Best Practice Recognitions (BPRs) bestowed upon clinics across the Japan, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Lithuania, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and more. The Kitazato’s Best Practice Recognition in Vitrification acknowledges the remarkable success rates achieved by clinics utilizing The Cryotop® Method in all their vitrification procedures. This recognition not only highlights their proficiency in reproductive technologies but also applauds their exceptional contributions to the field of IVF.

A year committed to science

Fueled by our dedication to scientific progress and breakthroughs in reproductive medicine, we introduced the “Ask the Expert” initiative in 2023, a series of interactive sessions where key players shared insights, refining laboratory techniques for outstanding results.

But that’s not all! This year, we’re ramping up our dedication to clinics in our client portfolio. Ensuring an extensive product range for every stage of the Lifecycle, with a special focus in the United States, where our operations extend now on from our Kitazato | Dibimed offices located in the East Coast.


Kitazato’s presence at key reproductive events worldwide

During 2023 we’ve been part of more than 50 events across the globe, engaging closely with clinics and professionals in the field of assisted reproduction. Notable highlights include our presence at ESHRE in Europe, ASRM in America, ASPIRE in Australia and MEFS in Middle East.

We relish each opportunity, connected by a collective dedication: the ongoing refinement of fertility techniques and the daily creation of superior-quality products.

Lab fashion revolution with Kitazato

Beyond pioneering vitrification, we were the first to introduce original and stylish caps to our sector, and they’ve been a hit from day one. More than 4500 people are rocking Kitazato caps and bringing the coolest vibes to the lab. We also launched the trendiest sneakers in the IVF world, and the response was incredible! Over 250 people participated in the raffle for a pair of our exclusive limited-edition sneakers during the last edition of ASRM in New Orleans (USA).

Backed by science

At Kitazato, we’re committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality in our products, ensuring successful outcomes for both laboratories and clinicians. Our dedication to excellence extends beyond that, as our products have demonstrated their efficacy in scientific studies, making valuable contributions to the field of biomedicine.

In the course of 2023, we take immense pride in securing the trust of esteemed clinics and assisted reproduction professionals. A heartfelt thank you to Kato Ladies Clinic, Care Fertility, Eugin Group, and many other clinics worldwide for placing their confidence in us.

We express profound gratitude for the immense support and trust our customers gave to our products. With confidence, we anticipate a promising 2024 ahead. We eagerly look forward to the ongoing collaboration and play a part in helping families realize their dreams of parenthood.