25 years ago, Kitazato Bio Research Lab was founded and two years later we launched Cryotop®. 

Since the very first year, our purpose has always been to contribute to the happiness and health of society by continuously innovating and providing high quality products and services that help couples fulfill their dream of having a baby. This goal instills in us a spirit of challenge, innovation and continuous improvement, which encourages us to develop new technologies and offer the best quality products for the entire IVF lifecycle.  

Since our foundation in 1998, Kitazato Corporation has played a fundamental role in assisted reproductive technologies with the implementation of the revolutionary Cryotop® Method along with our latest contributions to the field.  

In 2023 we celebrate our 25th anniversary. Taking this milestone as a time for us to reflect as a company, on our contribution to the IVF world and our innovative role on assisted reproductive technologies, with our minds set in the future to keep leading an innovative role in the field for the decades to come.  

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Kitazato Corporation Facilities, 2023

Since its early days, Kitazato has been at the vanguard of improvements in assisted reproductive technologies. One of the pillars of our company is Continuous Improvement. We dedicate part of our activity to Research, to develop and manufacture medical devices and aids for an extensive range of fertility treatments. Our mind is always set in providing the best user experience, quality products and services to help professionals of IVF clinics reach their goal, our joint goal: happiness and success for the patients.  

During our 25 years of history, we have expanded our business worldwide and the key factor to this achievement has been our commitment in offering the best quality in our products. We have now more than 3000 clinics all around the world trusting us with our products, making our company a world leader in vitrification. Our commitment leads us to work closely with our customers by providing them with hands on dedicated services, such as our workshops, to ensure the quality and work we put in our processes is well performed to guarantee the best clinical results.  

Today, we are a much different company than we were in 1998. We are much bigger, our presence is much wider, but we pursue the same goal: helping clinics and laboratories achieve the best results for their patients.  Excited to celebrate with you this milestone of joint successes, looking forward to our common goal: keep innovating towards a better future in the IVF field.

With that goal and thanks to you, today we remain the world leader in vitrification.