Embryotools has conducted a study in order to evaluate the performance of our Hypure® Oil Heavy versus similar culture oils from our competitors: Vitrolife Ovoil, Lifeglobal (LiteOil, LifeGuard Oil, Paraffin Oil), Irvine Oil for Embryo Culture, Sage Oil for Tissue Culture and COOK Sydney IVF Culture Oil.

The objective of the study was to evaluate its manipulation, physico-chemical properties, and its effects on the stabilization of culture conditions and embryo development. After the analysis they have concluded that:

  • Kitazato Hypure® Oil Heavy helps to maintain a stable pH for a longer period than other oils.
  • It has the highest capacity to prevent evaporation when cultured in dry incubator
  • Hypure® Oil Heavy reaches the lowest osmolality after seven days of culture.
  • Our Oil provides notably better embryo development and cell count rates when compared with these competitors.

For more information, read the study highlights here.