Warmed oocytes


The lower number of oocytes collected in surgically treated endometriosis patients impairs their reproductive prognosis, despite their young age.


The most relevant finding of a recent study by Cobo et al. is that for young patients with endometriosis (≤35 years of age) who wish to preserve fertility, it would not be advisable to perform surgical excision of endometriotic implants before ovarian stimulation for fertility preservation.


Young women would be the best candidates for fertility preservation before surgical treatment because they would need fewer stimulation cycles due to a better ovarian reserve and have a better reproductive prognosis.


Link to the study. Ana Cobo, Ph.D., Juan Giles, M.D., Stefania Paolelli, M.D., Antonio Pellicer, M.D., José Remohí, M.D., Juan Antonio García-Velasco, M.D.