Micro Tools IVF Media and Oils

We are happy to announce that we have received the CE certification to begin supplying our European clients with a variety of new products including a range of micropipettes, IVF media and paraffin oil.

Kitazato’s main objective is to help ART professionals achieve the best results possible with continuous innovation in our research centers and by understanding the needs of our clients through on-going conversation. As a result of this research and these conversations, we are able to constantly review and adjust the products available to our clients. Expanding our portfolio by adding the Micro Tools and IVF Media and Oils categories to our family of products allows our clients to more easily fulfil their IVF product needs with trusted Kitazato products.

Micro Tools

Our Micro Tools, handcrafted by highly skilled professionals, are high-quality micromanipulation pipettes that offer an accurate and a precise manipulation of oocytes and sperm for ART and PGT. Newly added to our catalogue you will find pipettes for ICSI injection, holding and biopsy. Each one individually packaged in easy-to-open color-coded containers. You can learn more about our Micro Tools here.

IVF Media and Oils

We have also obtained the CE mark for a variety of products for use in ICSI, IVF and related assisted reproductive techniques creating our new IVF Media and Oils category, including Hypure® Oil Heavy, Hypure® Oil Light, SepaSperm® Solution and Gamete Buffer. You can learn more about our IVF Media and Oils here.

If you would like to discover our new Micro Tools and IVF Media and Oils on your own, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team at info@dibimed.com or your local Kitazato distributor.