There are many factors involving laboratory practices that can lead to better results while vitrification process is performed. Best practices in the field of vitrification can be achieved if a method is applied and followed every step of the process. Kitazato is recognized as the pioneer brand in improving vitrification. Its greatest contribution in this field has been the development of the Cryotop® Method. 

The Cryotop® Method is the most widely used vitrification protocol in the world, applied in more than 3,000 clinics and banks in the world and in more than 2.500.000 procedures annually.  Our goal has always been to develop a consistent and standardized protocol that any clinic worldwide can apply in their laboratory routine. This is the key to achieve the best results that the Cryotop® Method can offer and to optimize the vitrification outcomes. 

We have spent more than a decade investing in training and workshops around the world ensuring that embryologists apply our method properly. We are also committed to working with clinics, always providing support and solving any question. Creating awareness of the importance of following a method to guarantee the best practices. 

Following a method provided by the same manufacturer as the media and devices involved in the process is key to a better outcome. Different media from different manufactures may look the same, but there are notorious differences such as HPC versus HSA, Trehalose versus Sucrose and, moreover, each medium contains different concentrations of cryoprotectants as well as many essential and non-essential amino acids. 

Kitazato vitrification media are the most versatile option for cryopreservation in your laboratory.  

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 Efficiency in your practice can be increased by using the same media for vitrification and warming for both oocytes and embryos in all their stages of development. The Cryotop® Method offers the same products for both oocyte and embryo vitrification. This helps to standardize procedures, optimize laboratory routine and improve clinical results. 

Cooling and warming rates are essential parameters for the success of vitrification and thawing processes. These parameters, especially the warming ones, have a huge impact in specimens survival rates. The Cryotop® vitrification device ensures the highest cooling and warming rates of the market resulting in better survival, implantation and live birth rates. 

These results are achieved thanks to the design and composition of the Cryotop®, with its characteristic thin strip, the use of small volumes surrounding the specimen, and the design of the vitrification and thawing protocols that allow excellent heat exchanges. Kitazato’s outstanding results prove our determination to take care of each specimen. We cannot forget that we are handling valuable human specimens and the survival of each of them is crucial for the patient. The results are only guaranteed when following the protocol.