Kitazato OPU NeedlesSmaller gauge needles are becoming the trend for oocyte pick-up as they reduce the risk of bleeding and trauma to the patient. And although the gauge of the needle is a determining factor for a good puncture, there are also other aspects that should be taken into consideration to ensure a successful procedure without damage to the oocytes.

Kitazato offers a full range of “Thin Wall” needles with single lumen (from 16G to 21G) and double lumen (from 16G to 18G).

Kitazato’s “Thin Wall” design provides a wider inner diameter in comparison to competitors’ needles with the same outer diameter. This allows oocyte retrieval to be carried out with a smaller gauge needle minimizing the harm to the patient. Thinner needles are ideal for patients with low response rates and natural cycles or working without anesthesia during the ovarian puncture.

Another important feature is their uniform inner diameter which is essential to guarantee a continuous aspiration flow with constant pressure and speed resulting in less stress for the oocyte.

The smaller outer diameter and the original triple cut blade of Kitazato OPU Needles contribute to a smooth and clean puncture that reduces the bleeding and the risk of injuries in the uterine lining and improves patient recovery after the ovarian puncture.

The smooth echogenic marking that extends to the very tip of the needle provides high ultrasound visibility and a safer approach to the follicle. In addition, the ergonomic handle with positioning marker helps to control the position of the needle blade throughout the puncture process.

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