We had the opportunity to interview Carmen Diez Ridocci our IVF Hero of the month at IMER, Valencia (Spain).

Carmen Diez is an embryologist at the Institute of Reproductive Medicine (member of NEXTCLINICS) fighting against infertility every day.

She graduated in Biotechnology at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 2013. After her graduation, she coursed a Masters in Human Reproduction at the University of Valencia.

Carmen received us at the IMER facilities where she currently works as an embryologist. Discussed with us the present and future of IVF: how the industry is changing and evolving due to nowadays motherhood scenario. How she decided to become an embryologist, their clinic procedures and how they have successfully incorporated Kitazato’s Cryotop® method to its lab routines and its positive impact in their survival rates, take a look at the video.
Carmen Díez IMER IVF Hero