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Best Practice Kitazato

Upkeep a stable culture environment is gainful when attempting to minimize environmental distresses within the culture system that may negatively affect the developing embryo. 

Oil is one of the components of embryo culture with greatest potential impact on clinical outcomes. That is why choosing a paraffin oil, that can optimize the embryo culture system, increases the quality in clinical practice in assisted reproduction.  

A key point to determine oil quality and process optimization when performing is the exposition time in dry incubator that an oil can tolerate. High viscosity oils have the highest capacity to prevent evaporation when cultured in dry incubator. Helping maintain a better stability of the embryo culture.  

High viscosity oils are related to the increase of the implantation rate, which is why switching from a lighter oil to a higher viscosity one could have a very significant impact on the clinical outcomes of the centers that routinely use it in the laboratory.   

A high viscosity oil: 

  • Acts as barrier to contamination 
  • Minimizes temperature changes 
  • Maintains optimal pH 
  • Minimizes evaporation and osmolality changes  

For Kitazato, Best Practice in Culture means Hypure® Oils:  

Hypure® Oils, the pre-washed paraffin oils with less endotoxin levels in the market, play an important role maintaining the stability of the embryo culture system in terms of temperature, pH and osmolality. 

Hypure® Oils are available with different density and viscosity to better suit laboratory needs. Since both are highly efficient in maintaining media stability, each laboratory could be able to make its own choice of which oil to use for each procedure. 

Hypure® Oil Heavy: Best choice for uninterrupted single-step-media embryo culture. 

With one of the highest viscosities on the market, Hypure® Oil Heavy presents the best development rates and cellular count after 7 days of culture in dry incubator, making it also the best choice for single-step-media cultures.​ 

Hypure® Oil Heavy is also the best alternative for dry incubators as it can maintain the stability of the embryo culture better. Its density ensures a higher preservation from the environment, as it prevents evaporation of the media and keeps a stable pH and lower osmolality for a longer period, compared to other oils in the market with lower density.​