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Our high-quality micromanipulation pipettes offer an accurate and precise manipulation of oocytes, embryos and sperm for ART and PGT.  

At Kitazato, quality and performance are essential. Our Micro Tools and the strict processes they go through confirm our labor and dedication to meet excellence in our results.  

Developed and designed in conjunction with leading clinics in Japan, Kitazato’s micropipettes are handmade by highly skilled professionals. 

What makes a difference in micromanipulation? 

When handling such microscopic tools, the difference between one and the other relies farther from their appearance, and the attention to detail in each item becomes crucial for differentiation. 

Nevertheless, there are certain aspects that can draw the lines between good, better, and best

Quality Control 

When a product is hand-crafted, such as micropipettes from all around the world, the quality control that decides whether each individual item is valid for purchase or isn’t, is essential. 

Where does the brand you use set the limit? 

Attention to small details is what makes the difference. That is why, once our Micro Tools are manufactured, they undergo a strict and exhaustive quality control with individual review to ensure that our customers offer the best quality to their patients. 


In healthcare, medical and biotechnological sectors, being able to trace the full life and path of a single product can be crucial for the company and the patient, not only to face a crisis or a critical moment, but also to avoid them.  

Can you follow the traceability of each single product in your lab? 

For that reason, our high-quality micropipettes are not only individually sterilized and packaged, but also individually labelled to ensure precise control on each pipette, guaranteeing full traceability on every product.   

Comfort in your workplace 

Having comfortable easy-to-use items in your place of work does affect your performance, and with it, your results. 

How comfortable are you with your everyday tools? 

Our main goal when manufacturing our products is for you to achieve the best practices when performing with them. Therefore, our Micro Tools are designed and built by our professionals to guarantee smoothness and success whilst practice is being performed. Their containers are easy-to-open and color-coded to ensure that you can focus only on what’s important: your performance. 

At Kitazato, we don’t offer products, we guarantee results. And for that, we take everything into account. 

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