Incorporating Hypure® Oil Heavy into your laboratory’s embryo culture protocol represents a significant advancement, ensuring more stable conditions and superior outcomes for your patients.

Its unique properties and proven benefits, set Kitazato Hypure® paraffin oil apart. With reduced peroxidation and photooxidation, it ensures a higher standard of quality. Additionally, its pre-washing with ultra-pure water not only minimizes toxicity but also elevates clinical outcomes, reinforcing its position as a superior choice for optimizing laboratory conditions.

Hypure® Oil Heavy boasts several advantages over the market

  • It maintains a stable pH for a longer period of time

  • Maintains lowest osmolality after 7 days of culture

  • Exhibits the highest capacity to prevent evaporation in dry incubators

  • Significantly enhances embryo development and cell count rates

The significance of scientific evidence in choosing the best

When it comes to embryo culture, the benefits of employing Kitazato Hypure® Oil Heavy stand out prominently. This solution sets a new standard by reaching the lowest osmolality of 273.0 ± 5.7 mmol/kg after seven days of culture, surpassing the performance of alternative oils.

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With Kitazato Hypure® Oil, laboratories can trust in a product designed to optimize conditions and ensure experiment success. Check out the following resources for more information:

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